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Windows vinyl

  • Reflective Vinyl Banner Fabric Base

    Reflective Vinyl Banner Fabric BasePVC reflective banner is made of honey comb reflective film applied onto polyester knitted fabric It's mainly used as road signs. The function and characteristics of reflective printing cloth: 1. super reflective intensity: The reflective technology is base on the micro crystal lattice full...Read More

  • Holographic Vinyl Material

    Holographic Vinyl MaterialPVC Self Adhesive Holographic vinyl is most used as car decoration. The shining characters makes your car more outstanding. Once printed with advertising pictures or your preferred picture, it can attract public eyes more quicklyRead More

  • Normal One Way Vision Vinyl

    Normal One Way Vision VinylNormal one way vision vinyl is self adhesive vinyl with grey glue and holes graved on the film. Feature 1) Perforated vinyl sticker material consistency for image quality and more accurate colors in digital printing; 2) See-through vinyl effect: regularity round holes and holes' distance...Read More

  • Reflective Digital Print Vinyl

    Reflective Digital Print VinylDERFLEX reflective digital print vinyl material is divided into 2 different quality level:engineer grade reflective film and economical reflective vinyl materialRead More

  • Transparent Adhesive Vinyl

    Transparent Adhesive VinylVinyl transparent can be printted with solvent, ecosolvent, UV and latex ink. The transparent self adhesive vinyl is widely used in windows graphics, car body graphics.Read More

  • Bubble Free Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Bubble Free Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl bubble free, the PVC film was embossed before the glue applied. The main advantage is to make easier application, the bubble inside can be easily moved. All bubble free self adhesive vinyl can be produced as black glue, grey glue. Application: Vehicle graphics; Bus , Metro...Read More

  • vinyl banner (PVC banners)

    vinyl banner (PVC banners)Vinyl banner, also called PVC banner, frontlit, backlit, etc, after vinyl banner printing is widely used for outdoor advertising. Outdoor vinyl banner is made up of PVC + polyester fabric + PVC.Read More

  • Reflective Sign Vinyl Material

    Reflective Sign Vinyl MaterialSign Vinyl Films commonly called reflective are actually retro-reflective vinyl material. This means that when light hits their surfaces, it isn’t reflected back to the light source. Instead, it’s reflected in multiple directions. The result? You see the shine from pretty much any angle.Read More

  • Removable Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Removable Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl removable glue: DERFLEX is importing different high quality glue to apply to our self adhesive vinyl products. Permanent glue: After application, the film is difficult to be removed, and the glue cannot be removed together with the PVC film. Removable chrome: the glue goes...Read More

  • Transparent Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Transparent Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl transparent is especially used for car stickers. Main structure: transparent PVC film + clear glue + back paper Main advantage: The vinyl is eco-friendly, can be printed with solvent/eco-solvent/UV printer. Transparent characteristic do not covers the original color of the...Read More