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adhesive black vinyl

  • Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheet

    Self Adhesive Vinyl SheetSelf adhesive vinyl sheet: Used for offset print. following customer requirement, DERFLEX would cut the self adhesive vinyl roll into different size of sheets and supply. The main products as below Application: Vehicle graphics; Bus , Metro advertising Outdoor Advertising system Q&A Q: Can...Read More

  • Polymeric Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Polymeric Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl polymeric, also called cast vinyl, is premier self adhesive vinyl. Polymeric PVC makes it more durable in outdoor weather. main advantage: Longer life span, good stretching characteristic The main products as below Application: Vehicle graphics; Bus , Metro advertising...Read More

  • Self Adhesive 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl

    Self Adhesive 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl3D carbon fiber vinyl is widely used for car decoration. This is by far the most popular 3D Twill-Weave Carbon fiber style vinyl sheet, without the high cost of actual carbon fiber. This unique product is made of UV resistant vinyl that features a carbon textured finish. Unlike those cheap...Read More

  • SAV Vinyl

    SAV Vinylself adhesive vinyl is most popular products for car body pictures, bus, metro body advertising... Main structure: PVC film + adhesive glue + back paper DERFLEX SAV advantages Good ink absorption, which ensures the good printing quality. Durable in weather like rain, wind, frost, sun exposure...Read More

  • Bubble Free Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Bubble Free Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl bubble free, the PVC film was embossed before the glue applied. The main advantage is to make easier application, the bubble inside can be easily moved. All bubble free self adhesive vinyl can be produced as black glue, grey glue. Application: Vehicle graphics; Bus , Metro...Read More

  • Removable Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Removable Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl removable glue: DERFLEX is importing different high quality glue to apply to our self adhesive vinyl products. Permanent glue: After application, the film is difficult to be removed, and the glue cannot be removed together with the PVC film. Removable chrome: the glue goes...Read More

  • Super Strong Glue Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Super Strong Glue Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl with super strong glue: The glue can hold for over 2-5 years. Regularly polymeric self adhesive vinyl be applied with super strong chrome 2 years durability. main advantage: 1. More applications onto different surface. 2.Longer sticking without being losing the glue. The main...Read More

  • 3D Self Adhesive Vinyl

    3D Self Adhesive Vinyl3D self adhesive vinyl is made of 3D PVC film with glue and backing paper applied. 3D Self adhesive vinyl Product information PVC film + glue + backing paper 1) PVC film thickness: 0.12mm, or follow customer's requirement. 2) Release paper: 120g/sq.m, or follow customer's requirement. 3)...Read More

  • Transparent Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Transparent Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl transparent is especially used for car stickers. Main structure: transparent PVC film + clear glue + back paper Main advantage: The vinyl is eco-friendly, can be printed with solvent/eco-solvent/UV printer. Transparent characteristic do not covers the original color of the...Read More