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blend vinyl for sale

  • Reflective Vinyl Banner Fabric Base

    Reflective Vinyl Banner Fabric BasePVC reflective banner is made of honey comb reflective film applied onto polyester knitted fabric It's mainly used as road signs. The function and characteristics of reflective printing cloth: 1. super reflective intensity: The reflective technology is base on the micro crystal lattice full...Read More

  • Laser Cutting Vinyl

    Laser Cutting VinylLaser cutting vinyl generally adopt the dot lithography, 3D true color holographic technology, multiple and dynamic imaging technology. Divided from product composition, vinyl laser film products can be divided into PET laser film, OPP laser film and PVC laser film.Read More

  • Reflective Vinyl Roll

    Reflective Vinyl RollDERFLEX is professional reflective vinyl roll manufacturer and trader in china, specialized in the research, development and production of self adhesive reflective film . Outdoor advertising reflective wrap vinyl materials is made following optical principles, you can reverse the light back to...Read More

  • 9oz Mesh Vinyl Material For Stadium Banners

    9oz Mesh Vinyl Material For Stadium BannersStadium banners promote upcoming games and help fans show their spirit. Use stadium banners to identify yourself as a proud American football fan, create energy and excitement at a baseball game or show off your team’s winning record at a basketball game. Regardless of which sport you play or follow, stadium banners...Read More

  • Reflective Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

    Reflective Permanent Adhesive VinylDERFLEX supplies most kinds of reflective vinyl material, advertising grade reflective vinyl film durability 6-12months, engineering grade reflective 3-5years, 5-7years, 10years outdoor durance.Read More

  • Vinyl Magnet

    Vinyl MagnetMagnetic advertisement display system consists of magnetic iron base material and surface material composition, substrate act as back, while the iron surface material is to replace the original adhesive stickers. In the past, we have encountered problems of installation, disassembly, cleaning of pictorial advertising, low...Read More

  • Polymeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl For Car Warping

    Polymeric Self-Adhesive Vinyl For Car WarpingDERFLEX Self-adhesive vinyl for eco-solvent printing has the capability of good ink absorption and color penetration,the printing effect can be well guaranteed in terms of vivid color expression.Read More

  • Black Back Vinyl Banner For Billboard

    Black Back Vinyl Banner For BillboardDERFLEX 7 oz. Black Back Matte (DH5050/240) is for PVC vinyl banners and can be used for printing on one side. It is compatible with screen printing, digital printing, and pressure-sensitive lettering.Read More