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blend vinyl

  • vinyl banner (PVC banners)

    vinyl banner (PVC banners)Vinyl banner, also called PVC banner, frontlit, backlit, etc, after vinyl banner printing is widely used for outdoor advertising. Outdoor vinyl banner is made up of PVC + polyester fabric + PVC.Read More

  • Polymeric Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Polymeric Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl polymeric, also called cast vinyl, is premier self adhesive vinyl. Polymeric PVC makes it more durable in outdoor weather. main advantage: Longer life span, good stretching characteristic The main products as below Application: Vehicle graphics; Bus , Metro advertising...Read More

  • Perf Window Vinyl

    Perf Window VinylClear Focus perforated window vinylis a unique, custom printed material that displays full-color advertising while maintaining see-through visibility.Read More

  • self adhesive vinyl rolls Self-adhesive Vinyl

    self adhesive vinyl rolls Self-adhesive VinylApplication: Vehicle graphics; Bus advertising Advantage in DERFLEX SAV: 1.Good ink absorption, which ensures the good printing quality. 2.Durable in weather like rain, wind, frost, sun exposure 3.Easy to clean, cut, connect and install, water proof 4.Factory price, more economical with the same...Read More

  • Black Dry 3D Carbon Vinyl Car Wrap Film

    Black Dry 3D Carbon Vinyl Car Wrap FilmThis durable carbon fiber film is ideal for long-term fleet and motorsport marketing applications, and provides a lightweight, economical alternative to paint. Great for architectural applications indoor and out.Read More

  • Super Strong Glue Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Super Strong Glue Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl with super strong glue: The glue can hold for over 2-5 years. Regularly polymeric self adhesive vinyl be applied with super strong chrome 2 years durability. main advantage: 1. More applications onto different surface. 2.Longer sticking without being losing the glue. The main...Read More

  • Reflective Sign Vinyl Material

    Reflective Sign Vinyl MaterialSign Vinyl Films commonly called reflective are actually retro-reflective vinyl material. This means that when light hits their surfaces, it isn’t reflected back to the light source. Instead, it’s reflected in multiple directions. The result? You see the shine from pretty much any angle.Read More

  • Reflective One Way Vision Vinyl

    Reflective One Way Vision VinylThe use of reflective materials, with pressure-sensitive adhesive at the back, mainly used for glass and body in the back window of the car advertisement. Reflective is applied into one way vision vinyl, which would enhance the advertising effects, and the spreading scope of the advertisement is...Read More

  • Removable Self Adhesive Vinyl

    Removable Self Adhesive VinylSelf adhesive vinyl removable glue: DERFLEX is importing different high quality glue to apply to our self adhesive vinyl products. Permanent glue: After application, the film is difficult to be removed, and the glue cannot be removed together with the PVC film. Removable chrome: the glue goes...Read More

  • Perforated Window Vinyl

    Perforated Window Vinyl​This perforated vinyl is specially designed for one-way viewing, with 60% printable area and 40% 1.5mm holes. Try 6-mil perforated window film for an economical option, or take advantage of more efficient feed and dry times with ViewThru vinyl.Read More