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PVC Board

  • PC Board

    PC Board

    PC board character: 1. Light transmittance: 89% 2. crash-worthy, 250-300 times of ordinary glass 3. anti-UV 4. light weight 5. Flame Retardant: B1 6. Flexibility 7. acoustical insulation 8. Energy-saving: The plate has a lower thermal conductivity than ordinary glass and other plastics 9....Read More

  • Acrylic Board

    Acrylic Board

    Acrylic board can be divided into cast board and extrusion board: Cast board high molecular weight, good stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance properties.Read More

  • Aluminium Composite Panels

    Aluminium Composite Panels

    DERFLEX supply variety of Aluminum boards. Aluminum-plastic composite board is made of Aluminum board double side, Polyethylene, polypropylene plastic mixed as the core.Read More

  • KT Board

    KT Board

    KT board is composed by foamed PS articles and surface film. The plate body stiff, lightweight, non perishable, easy processing, and can be directly screen printed. KT board is widely used in advertising promotion, architectural decoration, culture and art and packaging, etc..Read More

  • Rigid PVC Board

    Rigid PVC Board

    rigid pvc board/sheet descriptionRead More

  • PP Hollow Board

    PP Hollow Board

    PP hollow board is the use of one-time extrusion of polypropylene copolymer raw material. Main advantage of PP hollow board: 1. Good mechanical properties 2. light weight, low material cost 3. Sound and heat insulation 4. many varieties: anti-static, electric Conductive, Flame retardant, etc.....Read More

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