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  • Sunscreen Fabric

    Sunscreen Fabric

    Sunscreen fabric is a PVC or PU coated oxford fabric, which is used for outdoor awnings, window shade, exterior solar shades, etc…Read More

  • Bounce House Fabric

    Bounce House Fabric

    DERFLEX has been producing inflatable PVC tarpaulin for over 18 years.Read More

  • 420D PVC Coated Oxford Fabric

    420D PVC Coated Oxford Fabric

    The perfect awning can add beauty and shade to any venue. The 420D PVC coated oxford fabric used in your retractable awning is an important aspect that you will want to last for years to come.Read More

  • Dot Adhesive Clear PVC

    Dot Adhesive Clear PVC

    Dot adhesive clear PVC is a transparent PVC film with dot adhesive at the back. The new production method of self-adhesive vinyl makes the vinyl sticker 100% removable after long time application.Read More

  • Colored Clear Vinyl Tarpaulin

    Colored Clear Vinyl Tarpaulin

    Clear vinyl tarpaulin material is made of translucent PVC film, laminated with polyester fabrics. The PVC film would come in different colors according to customer requirements.Read More

  • Transparent Pvc Sheet

    Transparent Pvc Sheet

    Transparent PVC sheet is an extruded PVC film with thickness 0.2mm – 10mm. the super clear PVC sheet is widely used as door curtains, tent windows and roofs, outdoor coverings, etc.Read More

  • Solvent Flag Material With Non-woven Backing

    Solvent Flag Material With Non-woven Backing

    Solvent flag material with non-woven backing is a polyester fabric with a non-woven fabric liner on the back. It’s used to print a flag. The backing is a protection liner which protects the printer from the ink going through fabric to dirt the platform.Read More

  • Graphics Banner Material

    Graphics Banner Material

    Graphics banner material is a wide range of material which can be PVC banner material, knitted polyester fabric, woven textile, cotton canvas, and so on.Read More

  • Self Adhesive PVC Film

    Self Adhesive PVC Film

    Self adhesive PVC film can be used for different applications. It’s a PVC film with glue back, and a paper layer for protection purpose.Read More

  • Pitch Cover Tarp

    Pitch Cover Tarp

    Pitch Cover Tarp, also called square tarps, flatbed tarps, flat tarps, is used for pitch maintenance.Read More

  • Tarpaulin Fish Pond Liner

    Tarpaulin Fish Pond Liner

    PVC coated tarpaulin, which is waterproof, can be used as fish pond liner. A 20-mil thick liner lasts seven to 10 years while a 45-mil liner lasts up to 50 years.Read More

  • Light Storage Film

    Light Storage Film

    Light storage film is applied to fire safety signs, ship signs, and general guide signs, and the products are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and have stable chemical properties.Read More

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