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One-way Vision Film For Printing Advertisement
- Jan 09, 2019 -

The one way vision vinyl made of black glue, white PVC film and backing paper, it is good for printing advertisement, Applicable to posting windows, glass doors and windows, glass curtain wall or vehicle glass surface.

One way vision film

1) One way vision vinyl roll Product information: 
-PVC film thickness: 0.12mm; 0.14mm; 0.16mm;0.35mm 
-Backing paper: 90g;140g;160g 
-Glue color: black; white; transparent 
-Glue: normal glue or stronger glue u
-Max width: 1.52m 
-Roll length: 50m 

One way vision vinyl

2) one way vision film Suitable Ink

-Eco solvent ink, solvent ink, latex ink and UV ink

Perforated vinyl roll

3) One way vision vinyl film Suitable printer:

-All kinds of wide format printing and inkjet printers, such as Vutek, Roland, Mutoh, HP-Scitex, Mimaki, JHF etc.

perforated vinyl

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