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Sporting Pool Fabric
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The inflatable swimming pool is made of PVC coated fabric, sporting pool fabric, which is a portable swimming pool for children and families to take a bath.

The advantage of an inflatable swimming pool material is its portability. You can leave it anywhere in your home. Even the balcony or bedroom, and compared to the regular swimming pool, the price is also quite affordable. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, and is particularly suitable for persons outside the office.

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sporting pool

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inflatable pool fabric

DERFLEX produces and supplied inflatable swimming pool fabric, PVC inflatable fabric, inflatable PVC fabric, PVC inflatable fabric material, with experience over 15 years. 

Fabric size: 1000D*1000D, 20*20; 1000D*1000D, 9*9; 500D*500D, 9*9;

Weight: 550gsm, 610gsm, 650gsm, etc...

Anti-UV, good tearing and breaking strength...