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Tent Tarpaulin Fabric
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The tent material is a shed that supports the rain, sunlight and temporary shelter on the ground. Made of canvas tent fabric, together with supporting things, can be removed at any time. Tents are carried in parts and assembled only when they arrive at the site, so they need various components and tools. Understand the name of each component and how to use it, be familiar with the structure of the tent, can quickly and conveniently put up tents.

tent tarpaulin material

tent fabric

Tent-Tarp material

PVC tent material

Outdoor tent material is divided into several categories: advertising tents (promotional tents), military tents (tents, tents, civil construction site) gable top tent, camping tent (3 quarter {(common outdoor activity) and 4 seasons (winter / Alpine tent use)} tents, inflatable tents, wash fire tent, children play tent. Here's a detailed description of the differences between these tents.

It can be divided into quick tent and hand tent

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