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  • Backlit Polyester Textile

    Backlit Polyester Textile

    Backlit textile is mainly used for light box. Backlit textile is polyester textile coated with printable coating. The coating can be solvent as well as water-based Backlit polyester textile character: 1. good light transmission 2. uniform thickness and texture. 3. perfect...Read More

  • Self Adhesive Polyester Textile

    Self Adhesive Polyester Textile

    Self adhesive polyester textile is printable polyester canvas applied with adhesive back. It can be printed with solvent/Latex/UV ink. DX3150: 150D*150D, 150gsm. 100% polyester fabric with adhesive back. DERFLEX supply different fabric with adhesive back It can be applied...Read More

  • Sports Sandbags tarpaulin material

    Sports Sandbags tarpaulin material

    Sports sandbags Sports Sandbags, usually by the solid coarse cloth, white canvas and sack sewn, up and down the ten layers, the size of 1.5 feet square, built about 8 kg of iron sand. Some sandbags contain sand, sawdust, beans or sorghum. There are two kinds of square and...Read More

  • SAV Vinyl

    SAV Vinyl

    self adhesive vinyl is most popular products for car body pictures, bus, metro body advertising... Main structure: PVC film + adhesive glue + back paper DERFLEX SAV advantages Good ink absorption, which ensures the good printing quality. Durable in weather like rain, wind,...Read More

  • Double Side Print Sublimation Textile

    Double Side Print Sublimation Textile

    Double sides printable sublimation direct print fabric is a product that knitted white polyester fabric and black fabric together. white fabric double side for printing while the black in the middle. It's mostly used for outdoor adverting media. DERFLEX main products:...Read More

  • Reflective Vinyl Banner Fabric Base

    Reflective Vinyl Banner Fabric Base

    PVC reflective banner is made of honey comb reflective film applied onto polyester knitted fabric It's mainly used as road signs. The function and characteristics of reflective printing cloth: 1. super reflective intensity: The reflective technology is base on the micro...Read More

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