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  • PVC Advertising Banner Material

    PVC Advertising Banner Material

    PVC Advertising Banner Material is polyester fabric liminated with 2 layers of PVC calendared film.Read More

  • Clear PVC Vinyl Fabrics

    Clear PVC Vinyl Fabrics

    The composition of Clear PVC Vinyl Fabrics is polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, and ductility.Read More

  • Luminous Film

    Luminous Film

    Luminous film is made of rare earth element activation and alkaline earth aluminate, silicate and acrylic materials. It is non-toxic, non-radioactive and stable in chemical properties.Read More

  • Canvas Fabric Banner For Flag

    Canvas Fabric Banner For Flag

    Canvas Fabric Banner for flag is a sublimation textile which is made of polyester fabric with very light coatings for direct printing.Read More

  • Fabric Banner Material

    Fabric Banner Material

    Fabric banner material is also used for indoor and outdoor advertising purpose. DERFLEX do different kinds of coatings on the digital printing fabrics to make it suitable for all kinds of ink printing. And we can tell you the difference between different coatings. The coating...Read More

  • Stretch Ceiling Fabric

    Stretch Ceiling Fabric

    Stretch ceiling fabric is used as indoor decoration material. The translucent ceiling fabric can be combined with various lighting systems to create a dreamlike, shadow less interior lighting effect.Read More

  • Sublimation Blank Polyester Flag

    Sublimation Blank Polyester Flag

    Sublimation Blank Polyester Flag should be direct sublimation printed with customized pictures, and installed on the flag pole to make outdoor or indoor advertisements.Read More

  • Flag Material

    Flag Material

    Flag material is used to make outdoor or indoor flags, it is sublimation printed to make more vivid picture performance.Read More

  • Mesh Flag Banner

    Mesh Flag Banner

    DERFLEX mesh flag material is vividly printing directly by sublimation ink. The both sides can be almost the same result when you print on only one side.Read More

  • Flexible Tank Material

    Flexible Tank Material

    Flexible tank and oil storage bag: a good helper for agriculture, construction and transportation. It has professional equipment and advanced technology. It is mainly used for water and oil storage. It plays an important role in conveying water and transporting oil. It is...Read More

  • Hologram Lamination Film

    Hologram Lamination Film

    Hologram lamination film is made of transparent PVC film, which is modernly used in handbags, raincoats, crafts, and shoes.Read More

  • Inflatable TPU Film

    Inflatable TPU Film

    The TPU film is a film made by a special process such as calendaring, casting, film blowing, coating, etc. based on TPU pellets. Thickness 0.01 to 2mmRead More