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  • Flat Roofing Membrane

    Flat Roofing Membrane

    ​Flat roofing material is used for the waterproof roofing system, both residential and commercial purpose.Read More

  • Commercial PVC Roof Material

    Commercial PVC Roof Material

    PVC waterproofing membrane has good mechanical properties and is used for planting roofing. It is both waterproof and resistant to root puncture.Read More

  • Water Storage Tank For Agriculture

    Water Storage Tank For Agriculture

    The agriculture using and biogas tank adopts environmental protection and non-toxic polymer pvc tarps materials. Flexible PVC Water Storage Tank contains more than ten kinds of anti-aging, acid, alkali resistant and flame retardant additives.Read More

  • Vehicular Water Bags

    Vehicular Water Bags

    Vehicular water bags are mainly used in the food grade of liquor, food additive, juice thickener, medicine industry, and the transportation of industrial grade liquid such as brine, industrial water, latex, herbicide and so on.Read More

  • Pvc Bladder Water Tank

    Pvc Bladder Water Tank

    Pvc bladder water tank plays an important role in the transportation of water sources, especially suitable for water transportation in Hilly and mountainous areas. Pvc water storage tank takes the place of heavy, rusty, short life iron barrel and rubber bucket.Read More

  • Multi Function Test Water Bags

    Multi Function Test Water Bags

    Multi function test water bags is made of special pvc tarpaulin coated material which has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection and non-toxic materials. It can resist to low temperature, sea water, oil, acid alkali and so on. Crane load test water weights...Read More

  • Lifeboat Test Water Bags

    Lifeboat Test Water Bags

    The lifeboat test water bags are widely applied to load tests of lifeboats, small bridge loads, elevators, loading platforms, gangway and so on. A lifeboat and davit load testing water weight bag is a transport equipment used for rescue in emergency.Read More

  • Large Storage Tanks

    Large Storage Tanks

    Large storage tanks, compared to the previous iron tank or hard plastic tank, onion bladder tank has the flexibility of moving and handling, low production cost, low transportation cost, and large volume of monomer.Read More

  • 35t Test Water Bags

    35t Test Water Bags

    Crane and Davit Load Testing Water Bag is mainly used to detect the load of all kinds of lifting equipment, such as ship crane, crane, port crane, ocean platform crane, gantry crane, crane, sling column and so on.Read More

  • 5t Certification Test Water Bag

    5t Certification Test Water Bag

    The 5 ton certification test water bag is also called water weight heavy water bag and weight water bag. Test heavy water bag can be used for crane lifting test, deck strength test, drilling well ship cantilever test and so on. It is more efficient and safe than traditional...Read More

  • 2 Cube Water Bags

    2 Cube Water Bags

    2 cube water bags is a simple pvc water container for our storage of drinking water, rainwater, sewage and production water. The volume of 2 cubic water tank can be designed to provide adequate water resources for emergency applications, construction sites, forest fire, and...Read More

  • Fluorescent Vinyl PVC

    Fluorescent Vinyl PVC

    Compared with the general pvc tarpaulin material, the color of fluorescent vinyl pvc is more vivid and the appearance is more beautiful and striking. Pvc tarps can be applied to various fields and we provide products according to the customer’s demand.Read More