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  • Light Storage Film

    Light Storage Film

    Light storage film is applied to fire safety signs, ship signs, and general guide signs, and the products are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and have stable chemical properties.Read More

  • Night Glow Stickers

    Night Glow Stickers

    Night glow stickers is regularly a plotter cutting film, which can be cut into different shape which is used for make different signs.Read More

  • Self-adhesive Pvc Wallpaper Sticker

    Self-adhesive Pvc Wallpaper Sticker

    Self-adhesive PVC wallpaper sticker can be embossed with different textures and can be printed with solvent, eco-solvent, UV ink.Read More

  • Acrylic Sheet Translucent White

    Acrylic Sheet Translucent White

    White acrylic sheets and transparent acrylic are the most popular colors in the current market. It can be printed with UV flatbed with different designs.Read More

  • Navy Blue Reflective Vinyl

    Navy Blue Reflective Vinyl

    Navy blue reflective vinyl is popular color of self-adhesive reflective film which is widely used in car decoration, and sign purpose.Read More

  • Pvc Canvas Banner

    Pvc Canvas Banner

    PVC canvas banner material is used for outdoor advertising, covers and tents.Read More

  • Vinyl Printable Magnet Roll

    Vinyl Printable Magnet Roll

    Vinyl printable magnet roll is used for digital printing, and for indoor advertising purpose. It can easily be installed and uninstalled, so it’s very convenient to make temporary signs for car decoration, chart board, and other solutions.Read More

  • 9mil Satin Magnetic Receptive Print Media

    9mil Satin Magnetic Receptive Print Media

    9 mil magnetic-receptive satin polyester media. Offers excellent durability, surface stability and heat resistance. An excellent choice for graphics that may be exposed to heat, direct sunlight and/or humid conditions.Read More

  • Pvc Clear Tarp

    Pvc Clear Tarp

    PVC clear tarp is the transparent PVC film laminated with polyester fabric, it’s a popular product for tent windows, roofs, and any special waterproofing use.Read More

  • Pvc Coated Mesh Tarp

    Pvc Coated Mesh Tarp

    PVC coated mesh tarp is transparent PVC tarpaulin material which is mostly used for outdoor construction protection.Read More

  • Pvc Heavy Duty Tarp

    Pvc Heavy Duty Tarp

    DERFLEX PVC heavy duty tarp is knife coated PVC tarpaulin material weight 550gsm to 1700gsm, the fabric size is 1000D*1000D, 1500D or 2000D, density 20*20, 30*30/sq.inRead More

  • 500D PVC Tarp

    500D PVC Tarp

    500D PVC tarp has different quality level between laminated and coated. The regular product is a 500D*500D, 9*9 fabric, laminated with PVC film both sides.Read More

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