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PVC Banner

  • vinyl banner (PVC banners)

    vinyl banner (PVC banners)

    Vinyl banner, also called PVC banner, frontlit, backlit, etc, after vinyl banner printing is widely used for outdoor advertising. Outdoor vinyl banner is made up of PVC + polyester fabric + PVC.Read More

  • PVC Frontlit Banner

    PVC Frontlit Banner

    PVC frontlit banner is used to make the front light source light box; the transmission rate is generally between 5-10%. Frontlit banner is widely used for large vinyl banner printing outdoor, such as building billboards, high speed roadside light boxes, and city Optimums light box. Feature 1)...Read More

  • PVC Backlit Banner

    PVC Backlit Banner

    PVC backlit banner, also known as PVC flex, panaflex, was wide used for Rear light source light box. Regular transmittance 25%-35%. This material most used for road side light box, store logo box and indoor advertising light box. DERFLEX regular produce and supply 13oz, 15oz, and 18oz laminated...Read More

  • mesh banners

    mesh banners

    Street sign PVC Mesh Flex Scrim Banner Roll 1000D Features: DER's mesh can be coated orange, green, black...etc 1) Premium and Economic styles available 2) Good strength, weatherproof 3) Perfect printing ability, suitable for digital printing 4) Max. width: 5m 5)Typhoon resistance 6) Color...Read More

  • PVC Coated Frontlit Banner

    PVC Coated Frontlit Banner

    The coated frontlit PVC banner of the technology produced by DERFLEX is a knife coating process. In general, the weaving of the base fabric, the preparation of the raw materials of the PVC coating, the control of the production process is a key factor in the quality of the blade coating product....Read More

  • PVC Laminated Frontlit Banner

    PVC Laminated Frontlit Banner

    DERFLEX main of PVC laminated frontlit banner: Under the pressure of hot roller, two layers of PVC films combined with the polyester fabric in the middle. The characteristics of this process is the most excellent printing ink absorption and strong color performance. With the rapid increasing of...Read More

  • Perforated Vinyl Banners For Digital Printing

    Perforated Vinyl Banners For Digital Printing

    the mesh pattern brings the weight down to 8oz, which makes larger sizes easy to handle. Perforated Vinyl Banners are ideal for storefronts and locations where you don't want visibility to be completely covered but you want a full display from the outside. Print perforated vinyl banners for vehicles too - you'll be able to...Read More

  • Double Side Print PVC Banner

    Double Side Print PVC Banner

    Double side printable PVC banner, also known as pole banner, is widely used in the city road side advertising. Main structure: white PVC layer + polyester fabric + black PVC layer + white PVC layer. With black layer inside, the transmittance <3%, which promise vivid picture performance on...Read More

  • Black Back PVC Banner

    Black Back PVC Banner

    PVC banner with black back, is popular used for billboard and outdoor signage. Main structure: White PVC film + polyester fabric + black PVC film With black layer on the back, the transmittance <1%, which would promise the vivid picture performance. Products:Read More

  • PVC Color Mesh

    PVC Color Mesh

    The colorful mesh is made by High tenacity polyester yarn and reinforced by PVC coating.Read More

  • Blockout vinyl banner

    Blockout vinyl banner

    DERFLEX Products have the following advantages: 1.High Strength to prevent any damage during installing. 2.Excellent ink absorption and flat surface, which guarantee vivid image printing. 3.Outdoor life assurance, good weather resistance. DERFLEX PVC blockout items subscribed as follows: DERFLEX...Read More

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