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Reflective Vinyl

  • Reflective Sign Vinyl Material

    Reflective Sign Vinyl Material

    Sign Vinyl Films commonly called reflective are actually retro-reflective vinyl material. This means that when light hits their surfaces, it isn’t reflected back to the light source. Instead, it’s reflected in multiple directions. The result? You see the shine from pretty much any angle.Read More

  • Reflective Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

    Reflective Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

    DERFLEX supplies most kinds of reflective vinyl material, advertising grade reflective vinyl film durability 6-12months, engineering grade reflective 3-5years, 5-7years, 10years outdoor durance.Read More

  • Fluorescent Sign Vinyl Films

    Fluorescent Sign Vinyl Films

    intermediate grade cast fluorescent vinyl film designed for producing graphics and signage requiring medium-term (up to 2 years) durability. This product features a unique colorant system for superior visual appeal and exceptional opacity, providing dynamic graphics accents.Read More

  • Reflective Vinyl Roll

    Reflective Vinyl Roll

    DERFLEX is professional reflective vinyl roll manufacturer and trader in china, specialized in the research, development and production of self adhesive reflective film . Outdoor advertising reflective wrap vinyl materials is made following optical principles, you can reverse the light back to...Read More

  • Reflective Vinyl Banner Fabric Base

    Reflective Vinyl Banner Fabric Base

    PVC reflective banner is made of honey comb reflective film applied onto polyester knitted fabric It's mainly used as road signs. The function and characteristics of reflective printing cloth: 1. super reflective intensity: The reflective technology is base on the micro crystal lattice full...Read More

  • Plotter Cutting Reflective Banner

    Plotter Cutting Reflective Banner

    Plotter cutting reflective vinyl, is made of PET or acrylic material together with the glass bead. Reflective film is mainly used for a variety of road and rail guide cards, signs, mine airport security card, stage sets, trademarks, ground brand, license plate, etc.. Main advantage: Reflective...Read More

  • Engineering Reflective Vinyl

    Engineering Reflective Vinyl

    The main point to identify the quality of reflective film: film material, the Pearl rate reflecting coefficient of glass beads, beads, death rate, color uniformity, weather ability, adhesive viscosity etc The performance of this series of reflective film belongs to the People's Republic of...Read More

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